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You can easily support the project! these are hundreds of models in STL format for CNC milling machines (milling cutter). Basically, the site offers free (FREE) models. All models are taken in the public domain or purchased. Bookmark the site, 5-10 new models are published daily on the site. (Models from own collection of STL files of ~5.000 models). A catalog of Vectors has been added to the site (vector models DXF, EPS).

All models in RAR archives — STL model + size picture. Password archives.

Password for all archives

If you want to advertise on the site, or you have other suggestions — write to the post.

Furniture, interior

Catalog description Furniture, interior

Catalog of models of furniture and interior elements in STL format for milling on CNC machines.

Interior elements are one of the most common areas that make the most of the possibilities of CNC milling machines. Interior models can be made from individual centimeter elements, up to two-meter one-piece parts for cabinets, beds, doors and doors.

Furniture in modern decoration and interior design plays one of the main roles - bedside tables, beds, chairs and tables, wardrobes, interior and exterior doors, coffee tables, decorative panels and grilles. All this somehow participates in the design of corners of coziness and comfort. And CNC milling machines allow you to achieve the most accurate reproduction of digital models, while being the cheapest "replicator" at the moment.

All furniture models in STL format, checked, contain a small description, pictures and packed in RAR archive (do not forget about the password).

(There are more than 2000 models of furniture and interior elements in the archive, it's just that the publishing process takes some time ...)

The most downloaded 3D models