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Grayscale Bitmap (Heightmaps)

In this gallery, the grayscale Bitmap files are bitmaps, and they are essentially nothing more than a heightmap. These files are used to create (lift the relief) in the ArtCAM program, how to do this, read in this article. In simple terms, due to the transition from white to gray, a height level is created - where the whitest part will be the highest part, where it is completely black, there will be the lowest part.

ArtCAM 2008 and later programs (2010, 2011, 2018) perfectly raise the relief from such pictures. It is worth considering that not all proposed images will be in BMP format, since this format is one of the most uncompressed. BMP files were used in the very first programs that needed image files (in particular, various CNCs, milling machines, the first risographs, duplicators, printing machines, color separation equipment in offset printing, and other automatic equipment), since they do not require processing " decoding" image codec, which is used to compress modern images (JPG, GIF, PNG and similar formats). But let's say the latest ArtCAM 2018 works fine with JPG files, without the need to convert them to BMP format.

If, nevertheless, the picture needs to be converted from JPG to BMP, then this is done in almost any graphic editor (even in the standard Paint, you can “save as BMP”). The beauty of gray images with a height map is that you can remove some elements if necessary, move, rotate, or add from other files. And this can be done in a simple graphical editor, of course it is much easier than editing a finished STL model. By the way, the STL file is practically not intended for editing, which greatly complicates its conversion or editing.

Attention!!! many files converted to Bitmap format (. bmp) with a size of 5000x6000 pixels (example) have a weight of up to 200-300 MB (yes, there are some), so the files in the gallery are mainly placed in the .JPG (but they are saved with minimal compression). You can see how to work with such files and create models in ArtCAM in the articles section on the site. (Poke here).

In total, there are about 1200 grayscale 3D images on our site, this is one of the largest free libraries. Most of the pictures are found in the PS, the originals (if any) have always belonged to their authors... but the pictures in this gallery are all enhanced with AI, that is, they are not exact copies, so use under the CCO license.