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You can easily support the project! these are hundreds of free models in STL format for CNC milling machines (milling cutter). The site offers free (FREE) models. All models are taken in the public domain or purchased. Bookmark the site, 5-10 new models are published daily on the site. (Models from own collection of STL files of ~ 7.000 models), and more than 9.000 vector models (DXF, EPS).

All models in RAR archives — STL model + picture. Password archives.

Password for all archives

If you want to advertise on the site, or you have other suggestions — write to the post.

3D grayscale image BMP file 296

You can easily support the project!


The "3D grayscale image BMP file 296" file is a bitmap file (.bmp or .jpg) in the BITMAP models section for self-creation in ArtCAM. 3D relief for CNC, wood carving, engraving, grayscale file, relief carving, scenery, models for ArtCAM. Vectors for CNC.

Attention!!! many files converted to Bitmap format (.bmp) with a size of 5000x6000 pixels (example) have a weight of up to 200-300 MB, so the files are placed in .JPG format (but with minimal compression). How to work with such files and create models in ArtCAM you can see in this article.