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via PayPal these are hundreds of free models in STL format for CNC milling machines (milling cutter). The site offers free (FREE) models. All models are taken in the public domain or purchased. Bookmark the site, 5-10 new models are published daily on the site. (Models from own collection of STL files of ~ 7.000 models), and more than 9.000 vector models (DXF, EPS).

All models in RAR archives — STL model + picture. Password archives.

Password for all archives

If you want to advertise on the site, or you have other suggestions — write to the post.

Vector catalog for laser and engraving

In the contemporary realms of art and manufacturing, vector graphics have become an integral part of the design process. For those engaged with CNC machines, where precision and detail play a crucial role, explore this unique catalog of free vectors tailored for laser engraving.

1. Angels in Vector: This collection features graceful vector images of angels, perfect for creating ornaments, gifts, or unique interior elements.

2. Coats of Arms and Medallions in Vector: The charm of coats of arms and medallions is captured in vectors, providing the opportunity to incorporate this historical style into projects. Use them to create emblems, logos, or embellishments.

3. Trees, Flowers, Leaves in Vector: Nature in vectors brings freshness to creative projects. Images of trees, flowers, and leaves allow for crafting colorful and inspiring compositions.

4. New Year, Christmas in Vector: Immerse in the holiday spirit with vectors for New Year and Christmas. Decorate items with unique elements associated with these joyful occasions.

5. Music and Instruments in Vector: For music enthusiasts, there are vector images of musical instruments. Use them to design posters, album covers, or studio decorations.

6. Various Machinery, Cars, Tractors, Motorcycles in Vector: Enthusiasts of machinery will appreciate the variety of vectors depicting different types of cars, tractors, and motorcycles. These images are perfect additions to any project related to automotive themes.

This catalog also includes diverse vectors ranging from zodiac signs and constructors to various decorative elements and corners. Whether the project is a hobby or a commercial endeavor, there's something for everyone.

Download vectors for free and transform ideas into reality with CNC machines. Uniqueness and quality define each image in this catalog. Create, materialize, and be inspired with free vectors for laser engraving.

There are hundreds of different free vector layouts and models for laser and plotter cutting, engraving, cutting-out in DXF, CDR, EPS formats. The models can be used as ready-made vectors for ArtCam and other programs for creating models to work with milling machines and CNC lasers. 

DXF files can be imported into ArtCam and easily opened in CorelDRAW and other vector programs.

EPS files open directly in ArtCam.

DXF files are in fact text files that contain vector coordinates - by importing them into ArtCam you can edit them in that program.