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How to unlock a profile in Mach3

“How to unlock the profile in Mach3 that comes with the machine” - they often find themselves in such a situation that when they buy a CNC milling machine that comes with a Mach3 license (obviously a corporate license ...), the settings profile is blocked. That is, the config functions are blocked in the program and the blocking not only prevents changing something, but even looking at the numbers and data. Sadness...

How to unlock settings profile in Mach3?

So, I found myself in exactly the same situation, and the support (uuu, the support is the worst that I met at that time) - they said that I didn’t think well myself and everything worked for them ... No matter how hard I tried, it was not possible to start the machine with the provided profile for Mach3 operation, and the settings profile was blocked by a password. I think that more than one company for the local production of CNC machines does this - they say that some clients climb into the settings and break the machines ... Oh, but what about support, but what about a profile that does not work normally ??? They say, take the machine back, with a computer, we will sort it out. Yes, you go .... In short, you can hack everything ... But I didn’t even think that everything turned out to be much easier.

In short, it's very simple, so here's how to remove the password from the profile set in the Mach3 settings

Open the settings profile, which is in the folder with Mach3 installed. Usually the program is installed on the C: \ Mach3 drive, the profile name (look at the name - it is visible when the program starts) - suppose CNC556. xml. Open this file in any text editor, standard Notepad or Notepad++, it doesn't matter. Next, we use the built-in search - we are looking for the word password - the password we are looking for will be somewhere closer to the last lines of the file (next to password). Well, actually, that's all, launch Mach3, launch the settings profile, go to the settings and enter the password - unlock it, voila, now you can edit it. (I didn't change my password, I just used it...)

Wrote an article because this is not the first request that leads to the site - about unlocking a profile in Mach3. I will add pictures a little later.

By the way, how was it for me - I found a different Mach3 license (and even newer than the one provided with the machine), configured all the functions myself (yes, I had to re-read tons of forums), and only then unlocked the profile provided for this machine . What was my surprise that I set up all the functions identically, that's just bad luck - the machine worked on my profile and the new program, but not with the provided software (and the config profile). I still haven’t figured out what the reason is, but it doesn’t matter anymore, the machine has successfully plowed 500-600 hours on my settings, well, every new day adds 5-10 hours of work...


It will also be obvious soon there will be an article on errors and omissions of steps (in Mach3), as well as how to set up the machine so that these errors, slips and incomprehensible omissions do not exist.