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On the CNC-Info website. ru publishes its own STL collection of more than 7000 files, models can be used for ArtCAM or similar programs.

Before publication, each model is opened in the editor, for checking and creating preview screenshots, it is packed into an archive with a password (password

All models on the site are added by hand.

Models are not for sale, but are published for reference only.

STL models can be used for CNC milling machines and for printing on 3D printers. Flat models can be used as templates for the manufacture of reusable rubber or silicone molds for serial production of the same type of models.

Advertising on the site exists only to support the project, all models are on paid hosting.

If you clicked on an ad, it means you supported the project, plus you get karma.

If you put a penny into Yandex piggy bank, you supported the project, plus you get karma.

I thank everyone who in one way or another helps the development of the project (donate, post a link to the site, share it on social networks).

A section with vector models has been added to the site (about 4,000+ vector models have already been added to the site).


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